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Access and Community Impact

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Signature Events

Experience the pinnacle of our calendar! Annually, these events, a dynamic collaboration between student organizations and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, stand out as our largest and most impactful gatherings of the year.


  • Black Student Orientation (BSO)

    Step into the excitement! BSO, one of the year's grandest events, connects black students, provides OSU resource insights, and kicks off the new school year with a celebration. Don't miss out!

  • Hispanic/Latinx Student Orientation (HOLA)

    Get ready for a festive welcome! HOLA, a vibrant event, embraces Hispanic/Latinx students returning to campus. Join us for resources, guidance, and support services that make your journey back memorable and supported.

  • Harvest Moon

    Embrace the brilliance of the season! Harvest Moon, celebrated in late September, revolves around the brightest full moon of the year. Join the luminous festivities!

  • Coming Out Stories
    Step into the spotlight! Coming Out Stories, celebrated around Coming Out Day, invites LGBTQ members of the campus community to share their unique coming out experiences. Join us for an empowering celebration of personal journeys!
  • Prism

    Celebrate creativity at Prism, an annual arts festival showcasing LGBTQ and women artists. Created to spotlight marginalized genders and sexualities, it's a vibrant call for visibility in mainstream art. Join us in amplifying diverse voices!

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Join us on Martin Luther King Jr. Day as the OSU community unites to honor his legacy and advance the conversation for racial justice. Let's stand together in meaningful tribute.

  • The Vagina Monologues

    Immerse yourself in a compelling narrative! Every spring, witness "The Vagina Monologues" by Eve Ensler, a powerful stage production raising awareness about violence against women and inspiring activism. Join us for an impactful performance that sheds light on these important stories.

  • Heritage Pageants

    Celebrate heritage with three captivating pageants hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs:

    Mr. & Miss Black OSU

    Mr. & Miss Hispanic/Latinx OSU

    Mr. & Miss Asian OSU


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