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Access and Community Impact

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Oklahoma State University strives to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment that appreciates and values all members of the university community.

Our leadership

Dr. Jason F. Kirksey
Vice President, Access and Community Impact
The Division of Access and Community Impact is committed to providing results-oriented, engaging, invigorating, and inspiring opportunities for all students, faculty, staff, and administrators to create a better and brighter future at OSU.

Our team

Committed to your success
Our department provides seminars, workshop courses and other activities that afford students, staff, faculty and community members with opportunities to broaden their perspectives regarding differences and notions of inclusion.

Our testimonials

Who we are
Faculty and staff share how Oklahoma State University has helped them grow professionally in their careers.

Community Advancing Conversations

Promoting awareness and education
The Community Advancing Conversations initiative is a monthly dialogue series designed to enrich, enlighten and engage all members of the OSU community and advance the institution's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. 
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