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Check out our FAQs:

  • What do UB Students do?
    • Immerse yourself in campus life during the six-week summer experience at OSU, where academic, social, and cultural activities foster relationships and build your skills.
    • Seniors take the leap with the "Bridge" program, engaging in six hours of college-level coursework, job shadowing, and invaluable preparation for college and beyond.
    • Throughout the school year, connect with UB staff and tutors through counseling, tutorials, and monthly workshops on OSU's campus. Explore college campuses, receive guidance on the college application process, and enjoy recreational and cultural activities. Your Upward Bound journey is filled with growth and preparation for a bright future!
  • What services does UB provide?
    • Elevate your academic skills with UB's supplemental instruction in math, science, literature, and more.
    • Benefit from one-on-one and small group tutorials and academic, financial, and personal counseling for a personalized learning experience.
    • Engage in mentoring programs, explore career opportunities, and gain valuable insights into post-secondary education.
    • Receive assistance in completing college applications, navigating financial aid, and preparing for entrance exams.
    • Enjoy waived fees for tests and applications, monthly stipends, and opportunities to attend cultural events and informational programs for parents.
    • Your journey with Upward Bound is filled with support and valuable resources!
  • How do I know if I/my student is eligible?

    To be considered for OSU Upward Bound, students must meet the following criteria:

    • Join OSU Upward Bound if you're in 9th, 10th, or 11th grade at Cleveland, Pawhuska, Pawnee, Perkins-Tryon, or Woodland (Fairfax) High Schools.
    • Qualify if neither of your parents holds a bachelor's degree, and your family's income meets U.S. Department of Education criteria. OSU Upward Bound is here to support your educational journey!
  • When is my application due?
    • Apply anytime for OSU Upward Bound with our rolling deadline!
    • To join the summer program, submit your application before March 1st.
    • If you apply after this date, you can still start with Upward Bound in the following Fall semester.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity!

  • How long after I submit my application will it be before I know if I made it into the program?
    • Submit your application and expect a thorough review.
    • If you meet our minimum requirements, a UB Staff member will contact you within a week.
    • In case you haven't heard from us after a week, feel free to reach out via call or email. We're here to assist you!
  • I've submitted my application. Now what?
    • Look out for a confirmation email after submitting your online application.
    • Share the Teacher and Counselor Recommendation forms with your academic teacher and counselor for submission.
    • Once we review your application, we'll contact you to schedule an interview, either in person or via Zoom. Stay tuned!



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